The Institute of Public Health (IPH) recently launched a new Public Health Matters digital learning and communications platform and app offering new and updated content on key public health issues.

The platform and app will appeal to a wide ranging audience, from public health professionals and policy makers, to members of the public interested in population health issues.

The new Public Health Matters platform and app serves as a communications tool and a digital learning platform, enabling IPH to develop and deliver short learning courses on issues, such as Health Impact Assessment, while also keeping subscribers up to date with the work of IPH and key public health developments.

In June, IPH launched its first digital learning module, ‘Introduction to Health Impact Assessment’ .

Public Health Matters is an IPH digital learning and communications tool

In August, a Public Health Matters podcast was also launched, with the first series delving into what lessons we can learn from past challenges. The first episode featured special guest Sir Michael Marmot, a global expert in health inequalities, who discussed how social factors can influence life expectancy.

In October, IPH launched its second digital learning course on the Public Health Matters platform. The free online ‘Getting Active for Better Ageing’ course was developed to help healthcare professionals to support older people to have more physically active lives and sets out key facts, information, and guidelines, as well as, other essential resources.

Into the future, the Public Health Matters platform and app will be regularly updated to include new podcast episodes, blogs, videos, and other content and resources.

Access the Public Health Matters desktop platform at or download the Public Health Matters app for free on the Google Play (Android) and iTunes store (Apple).

If you have a query about IPH’s new Public Health Matters platform and app please email