IPH Strategic Objectives 2020-2025

Our mission is to inform public policy to support healthier populations.


Men’s Health – encouraging men to check back in to a healthier future

By Aideen Sheehan, Knowledge Translation Officer If you knew there was a group who died years earlier, were more likely to suffer from heart disease and cancer, and had a much greater risk of dying from suicide, respiratory disease and COVID-19, you’d assume they would be beating down the doors of doctors’ surgeries in a…

Alcohol-related Harms in Nightlife Settings on the Island of Ireland

A Knowledge Exchange hosted by the North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group. In December 2020 the North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group hosted a Knowledge Exchange to share evidence and policy developments relevant to reducing alcohol harm in night-life settings. Evidence is emerging on how to balance the pleasures and benefits of night life in…

Blog: Practical tips for the public engagement aspects of communicating science and health

Its been a year like no other for public engagement with public health science. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that every citizen has had to engage in some way or other with public health advice as well as public health data, research and evidence.  It’s therefore timely that  ‘Communicating Science and Health’ is one of…

Blog: Dying young from respiratory disease – are we making progress on reducing inequalities?

In this blog, Dr Helen McAvoy, Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Health, explores what we know about excess deaths from respiratory disease in socially disadvantaged communities, and asks what can be done to respond. Recent developments on health inequalities on the island of Ireland Earlier this month, the Northern Ireland Assembly Health…

Blog: The Elevate Programme – building community development to tackle health inequalities

Today’s theme for the European Public Health Week is “Your Local Community”.  Joanne Vance, Director of Community Development Health Network (CDHN) talks about the Elevate programme which provides opportunities for the development of skills, knowledge and expertise in community development as a way to tackle health inequalities. CDHN advocates using community development approaches to empower…

Blog: Healthy Brains for a Healthy Population – the road to a brain-healthy lifestyle

Dr Claire McEvoy, Lecturer in Nutrition and Ageing Research and Rebecca Townsend PhD researcher at the Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast advise that it is never too early or never too late to adopt a brain healthy lifestyle! In this blog they highlight ways to slow down cognitive decline and delay or prevent…

Blog: New challenges in mental health – what role for enhanced regulation of gambling?

In this blog, Ciara Reynolds and Joanna Purdy from the Institute of Public Health (IPH) discuss gambling and mental health, effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and explore the potential public health impact of gambling regulation. Ciara and Joanna are Public Health Development Officers at IPH.  They recently presented evidence to the Northern Ireland All Party Group on Reducing Harm Related to Gambling and submitted views to the consultation on a draft Mental…

Blog: Loneliness a key public health issue for society

Professor Roger O’Sullivan, Director of Ageing Research & Development at IPH, talks about loneliness as a key public health issue. “Public health and social measures introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic have brought profound changes to everyday life…. many more people have gained personal insight into what it means to be socially isolated, lonely, or both.…

Blog: The impact of COVID-19 on hypertension and priorities in pandemic recovery

On World Hypertension Day, Dr. Diane Bredin discusses the impact of COVID-19 on hypertension and considers priorities in pandemic recovery. Diane is currently working in general practice and completing an internship with the Institute of Public Health as part of her Masters in Public Health at University of Limerick. Hypertension is a major preventable risk…

Public Health

“The art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society”
Acheson WHO, 1988.

A healthy population is an asset to society. Public health aims to optimise the health of the whole population.

Everyone has an important role in looking after their own health.  However, many of the factors that influence our health outcomes are outside the control of the individual, such as environmental, economic and social factors.

Health equity, giving everyone a chance to reach their potential to live a healthier life, is a core aim of public health and the primary focus of the Institute of Public Health.

About us

Informing public policy to support healthier populations in Ireland and Northern Ireland is our core purpose.

We do this by:

  • research and evidence review;
  • policy analysis and evaluation;
  • partnership working;
  • specialist training and public communications.

We focus on promoting health and wellbeing, improving health equity, and reducing health inequalities throughout the life course.

The Institute has researchers and policy specialists from a range of disciplines based in offices in Dublin and Belfast and is jointly funded by the Departments of Health in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We are members of:

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