Evidence Review: IPH response to an Inquiry into the Effects of Alcohol on Society by the UK Commission on Alcohol Harm

In March 2020, IPH Director of Policy, Dr Helen McAvoy, gave evidence, alongside the British Medical Association in Northern Ireland, to the UK Commission on Alcohol Harm as part of an inquiry into the Effects of Alcohol on Society. 

This briefing paper provided supplementary evidence to the UK Commission on the profile of harm in Northern Ireland and efforts to prevent and respond to those harms. 

Themes addressed in this response document include the following:

  • Impact of alcohol on health since 2012
  • Impact of alcohol on the NHS and other public services 
  • Challenges for alcohol treatment services in supporting people impacted by alcohol harm 
  • Impact of alcohol consumption on family life, relationships and sexual behaviour
  • Impact of alcohol harms on different demographic groups, including age, sex and social class
  • What impact does alcohol have on economic productivity; and changes since 2012?
  • What current evidence is there of links between alcohol and violent behaviour and other crime? 
  • What recent evidence is there of links between alcohol and other addictive behaviours (such as smoking, drug use and gambling)?
  • The effect of the current approach to alcohol marketing and licensing have on alcohol harm
  • Policy changes to help to reduce the level of harm caused by alcohol


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