IPH response to DHSSPS and Food Standards Agency (NI) Front of Pack Labelling consultation
Nutritional information on food packet

From 2016, it will be mandatory for most pre-packed food to carry nutrition labelling. This provides an opportunity to review the provision of additional nutrition labelling that is provided voluntarily on the front of packs. The Governments across the UK are committed to the provision of nutritional information to help consumers make better informed food choices. 

Key points from IPH response Obesity and related chronic conditions are already very prevalent and are expected to increase over the next decade, placing greater financial burden on health care services. Helping consumers to make informed choices about their diet is an important aspect of tackling obesity. Providing clear consistent and easy to understand front of pack (FoP) nutrition information is important in helping consumers to make healthy choices. 

IPH would support FoP nutrition information using the traffic light labelling scheme and High/Medium/Low text. FoP nutrition labelling should be supported by a public information campaign to educate consumers about portion sizes and recommended daily intakes of fat, sugar and salt. IPH would support a nutrition labelling approach which empowers and enables consumers to take responsibility for their own health through informed dietary choices. 

The FoP traffic light labelling scheme has the potential to encourage healthier product formulation as manufacturers pursue market share. This in turn would contribute to wider availability of healthier products.

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