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IPH rolls out new Public Health Matters digital learning platform and app

Interested in public health and how it can shape healthier communities? The Institute of Public Health (IPH) has launched a new Public Health Matters digital learning platform and app that will appeal to public health professionals and policy makers, as well as members of the public interested in population health issues.

On Wednesday, 29 June the Institute launched its first digital learning module – ‘Introduction to Health Impact Assessment’ – through a new Public Health Matters platform, which has been developed as a learning and communications tool.


The first course available on the platform will be a short introductory module to Health Impact Assessment (HIA). This will provide an interactive learning experience for anyone interested in understanding HIA and how it might apply to new policies, programmes or projects and ultimately benefit population or community health. It is aimed at policy- and decision-makers, such as local authorities, planners and developers, as well as those who are considering a HIA for an upcoming policy, programme or project.

The new HIA learning module will be available online and on mobile devices through a new Public Health Matters app.




Over the coming months, the Institute will develop new Public Health Matters modules and additional resources which will enable subscribers to further develop their knowledge about HIA and other public health topics.

Later this year, IPH plan to roll out a new digital learning module on physical activity and older people, which will be aimed at healthcare professionals seeking to update their knowledge and skills in this area.

The Institute is also announcing the Public Health Matters podcast series which will become available during the summer months. The podcast will focus on a range of topics, from tobacco, alcohol, obesity to health inequalities and mental health and will be available through the new app among other platforms.

Commenting on the new digital learning initiative, CEO of the Institute of Public Health, Suzanne Costello, said: “We are delighted to unveil our new Public Health Matters platform and app. We hope this will appeal to a wide range of public health professionals and to members of the public interested in finding out more about key public health issues.”

“Today we are launching our first digital learning module on Health Impact Assessment but on an ongoing basis we will be adding new materials, such as a podcast, blogs, videos, and other content and resources. As we further develop this platform and app we hope it will become a reliable source of public health information and a useful tool for those working in the field,” she added.

The Public Health Matters app is free to download on the Google Play (Android) and iTunes store (Apple) and a desktop version is available at

If you have a query about IPH’s new Public Health Matters platform and app please email


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