Women speaking across the Border: The impact of the Border and the conflict on women’s health and roles
Group of women

This research was commissioned by Derry Well Woman and carried out on its behalf by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland in association with the Institute for Conflict Research and Rethink. 

The research had two distinct aims: 

- to improve understanding of the impact of the border and of the conflict on both sides of the border on women’s health 

- to improve understanding of women’s roles, particularly as they impact on mental health, in post conflict society. 

The research was conducted with a view to its recommendations being used to inform the work of the Cross Border Women’ Health Network as well as other cross border health forums or organisations responsible for service planning and delivery. 

The findings of this research are based on a series of 31 in-depth interviews and one focus group with women both north and south of the border and on one focus group and six interviews with women who were specifically consulted as service providers.

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